“Justice is what happens when we take action together for the common good.” – Ed Stanak

Dear Fellow Vermonters:

I am humbled by the almost 15,000 Vermonters  from Bennington to Newport who cast  votes for me as the next Vermont Attorney General.  I merely acted  as a voice for all of us, speaking out for what is fair and right when it comes to the economy, the environment and our essential rights.

Ultimately, justice is not about  who is the Attorney General.

It’s not even about the courts or the legislature.

Justice is just us – you and me.

Justice is what happens when we take action together for the common good.

Thank you for your financial contributions, putting out the lawn signs and the  words of encouragement. And I’ll be seeing you at the next meeting, rally and picket line when we come together for  change.

In solidarity,

Final polling results of the 2012 VT Attorney General race. Source: WCAX.com


p.s. We have been out there picking up the Stanak signs. If you see one in your town, please pick it up. After all, they are now collector’s items!


VTDigger.com – “I think super PACS, whether from the left or the right, are wrong.”

Photo by Nat Rudarakanchana.

Stanak, who has garnered attention from a number of media outlets, has been the most prominent Progressive Party candidate for statewide office. Though several others, namely Cassandra Gekas, who is running for lieutenant governor, and Doug Hoffer, the contender for state auditor, bear the Progressive label, too, they are also running on the Democratic ticket.

His political positions are in sync with the views of many liberal Vermonters. He wants to shut down Vermont Yankee, legalize marijuana, and completely eradicate the influence of money on politics.

Stanak cites the corrupting influence of corporate and super PAC money on politics.

“I think super PACS, whether from the left or the right, are wrong,” he said. “I don’t really have a clear solution to super PACs. My piece of the puzzle is the for-profit corporations and their influence on elections. If we can deal with that, that’s making major progress right there.” – Ed Stanak

Read the full VTDigger.com article here.


Brattleboro Reformer Article: “The war on drugs, I think, has failed.” – Ed

The four candidates for Vermont Attorney General on Nov. 6th. Photo credit: Brattleboro Reformer

Wednesday October 31, 2012

BRATTLEBORO — Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell is hearing criticism from both ends of the political spectrum.

Republican challenger Jack McMullen contends the longtime Democratic incumbent is pursuing an activist agenda with a “partisan slant.”

Progressive candidate Ed Stanak, on the other hand, is demanding more activism from Vermont’s chief law-enforcement officer.

Read the full article at the Brattleboro Reformer website.

Seven Days Article: “We do have a responsibility to leave the world a better place for those who follow us.”

Photo credit: Seven Days

If he’d had anything close to the campaign cash of his two major-party opponents, the Progressive candidate for Vermont attorney general could’ve been a contender.

Ed Stanak, a 62-year-old retired state environmental official, has impressed political observers with his understanding of the issues facing Vermont’s top cop, as well as with his persuasive advocacy of left-wing causes. “Ed is articulate and knowledgeable,” comments Middlebury College professor emeritus Eric Davis. “He’s a credible candidate.”

An emphasis on activism and “economic justice,” along with his stands on Vermont Yankee and marijuana legalization, have enabled Stanak to draw clear distinctions from seven-term incumbent Democratic Attorney General Bill Sorrell.

Democrats and Progressives teamed up for two big statewide contests this year, co-endorsing the candidates for lieutenant governor and state auditor. But after Sorrell emerged victorious from a bruising Democratic primary this summer, the Progs decided to run their own candidate for attorney general.

Stanak recounts telling Sorrell’s primary opponent, Chittenden County State’s Attorney T.J. Donovan, prior to the primary, “If you win, I won’t run. If you lose, I’m in.” Stanak supported Donovan’s challenge largely because of the challenger’s position on drug addiction — that it should be treated as a public health problem, not just a crime.

Like Donovan, he also views Sorrell as a “passive” attorney general and wants to give the office an activist character so it becomes “the Vermont equivalent of the Justice Department.”

As of October 15, Stanak had raised just $4190 for his race, compared to $144,585 amassed by Sorrell and the $48,767 raised by Republican candidate Jack McMullen, who has also lent his campaign $152,681.

[Read the full Seven Days article here].

“Spread Ed!”

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Ed at the Brattleboro Reformer: “The AG is the Department of Justice in Vermont.”

Progressive Ed Stanak stopped by the Reformer offices to discuss his campaign for Vermont attorney general on October 25th, 2012.

“The AG is the Department of Justice in Vermont and it is the AG’s duty to assist the legislature in enacting and improving laws that protect Vermonters.  And, the AG must fight for Vermonters in the court room.” – Ed Stanak

Watch the full discussion here:

Ed on WPTZ: “I sincerely believe that we face economic and political crises that requires an activist Attorney General.”

“I felt I had an ethical obligation to step up to the plate and run for office,” said Stanak, who last ran for a political office back in the 1990s. This is his first go at AG.

“I just have a different vision of what the Attorney General’s Office could and should be doing,” said Stanak. “I sincerely believe that we face economic & political crises that requires an activist Attorney General.”

Watch the full story here!


Ed on WCAX: “I am not totally convinced we need tasers as part of the tool box for VT law enforcement.”

On Sunday, October 21st, Ed Stanak was invited to WCAX’s “You Can Quote Me” morning program to talk about his race for Attorney General of Vermont.

Among many issues that Ed covered in this story, the issues of taser use by VT police came up.  Ed said: “I am not totally convinced we need tasers as part of the tool box for VT law enforcement.”

Watch the full program here.

VT AG Debate on VPR: “I would be an active advocate on behalf of the public interest.”

Vermont Public Radio’s Vermont Edition held a debate today, Friday, October 19th, in the race for Vermont’s Attorney General – the state’s top law enforcement officer.  Seven-term incumbent Bill Sorrell (D) is running for re-election and faces major party opposition from Jack McMullen (R) and Ed Stanak (P).

“I would be an active advocate on behalf of the public interest.” – Ed Stanak

Listen here.

Burlington Free Press VT AG Debate – “All workers have the right to organize. Bottom line.”

From left, Republican candidate Jack McMullen, Attorney General Bill Sorrell, Democrat, and Progressive candidate Ed Stanak answer questions from Associate Editor Michael Kilian at Tuesday’s live debate held at the Burlington Free Press. / RYAN MERCER/FREE PRESS

From the BFP article on the debate: “In a debate Tuesday, October 9th at the Burlington Free Press, the candidates defined differences on a variety of topics, from nuclear power to drugs to qualifications for the job of attorney general.” Read the full BFP article here.

Watch the full hour and twenty minute debate below.  It is a fairly fair side by side comparison of the candidates.

When asked at one point on the issue of whether deputy state’s attorneys should be able unionize to bargain for wages, Ed said: “I don’t even know why we’re having this discussion in the 21st century, whether or not working people have a right to organize and collectively bargain for working conditions, salaries and benefits. … All workers have the right to organize. Bottom line.”

Stanak said after the debate, “I appreciate the BFP’s hosting of this debate and I encourage you to watch the debate, read the article, and assess for yourself who would best lead the VT Attorney General’s office in Montpelier.”

Watch the full debate here.